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UK LAW SCHOOL’s QLTS preparation packages include these key features:

MCT & OSCE ~ Expert Tutor Guidance & Support

Initial 1-2-1 discussion with your Expert Personal Tutor

Flexible & bespoke Study Plan to meet your study needs

1-2-1 Expert Tutor academic help and academic guidance throughout your studies

Flexible hours for 1-2-1 Expert Tutor-marked OSCE mock stations

OSCE ~ Diagnostic Tutor Marked Mock Stations

Expert Tutor-marked OSCE mock stations in all 3 module areas (covering all 5 core law subjects and all 6 skills assessed)

‘Live’ 1-2-1 oral mock stations with your OSCE Expert Tutor

Diagnostic feedback on all 1-2-1 Expert Tutor- marked OSCE mock stations

Facility to ‘add-on’ extra 1-2-1 Expert Tutor- marked OSCE mock stations

MCT & OSCE ~ Study Materials

Course Guide

Custom-written study materials

Online Learning Management System (LMS) for easy access to MCT or OSCE  study materials

Core Law online recommended textbooks included

Large choice of self-assessed mock examinations, regularly updated

Facility to ‘add-on’ extra self-assessed MCT mock assessments 

MCT Preparation

UK LAW SCHOOL’s new MCT preparation packages include Tutor Support from the beginning.  After an initial discussion with you, we will produce a personalised and flexible study plan for you to follow.  As well as providing hundreds of custom-written mock MCT questions, allowing you to test yourself before taking the actual assessment, our tutors will help you assess, adapt and focus your studies for best effect.  Our tutors will help you choose the most suitable study materials for your needs.

If you have any problems with your preparation and need advice from your tutor, our MCT preparation packages include either 1, 2 or 3 hours of tutor support, in order to help answer your academic questions, guide your progress and keep your MCT studies on track.

OSCE Preparation

UK LAW SCHOOL offer 3 fixed-price OSCE preparation packages, based upon the number of tutor-assessed mock stations – 5 mocks, 7 mocks or 10 mocks.  All OSCE packages include a bespoke Study Plan, 1-2-1 Tutor Academic Support throughout your studies and access to a Library of UK Law School Online Study Materials, researched and authored specifically for our OSCE packages, as well as online access to recommended texts, covering all the OSCE Legal Modules, from leading legal publishers.

The tutor-assessed mock stations offered by our tutors, in all our OSCE Prep packages, cover both the written and the oral elements of the OSCE assessment, and are an important part of what we do for our OSCE candidates.

Forget the lecture rooms and group tutorials…with us you get the REAL 1-2-1 expert personal tutor experience.

Everyone knows when preparing for a practical assessment, that watching videos or workshops of other people doing something, or reading about how to do something, is no substitute for actually doing it yourself.

With our 1-2-1 tutor-assessed mock stations we make it possible for you to practice completing the oral Interview and Completion of Attendance Note, Advocacy and Presentation assessments with your tutor, as if in the actual assessments, and you will receive immediate diagnostic oral feedback (confirmed in writing) from your tutor as to all aspects of your performance, and how you can improve and adapt to achieve your best in the actual oral OSCE assessments.  

With our 1-2-1 tutor-assessed Writing, Drafting and Research mock stations we make it possible for you to practice compiling the written assessments under timed conditions and you will receive timely, written diagnostic feedback from your tutor as to all aspects of your performance and how you can improve and adapt to achieve your best in the actual written OSCE assessments.

Here at UK LAW SCHOOL, we insist that all our tutors are UK QUALIFIED, with UK LEGAL PRACTICE EXPERIENCE and UK LAW SCHOOL TRAINING in order to be able to accurately assess your performance against the SRA’s required Outcomes for the QLTS assessments.

If you would like additional tutor-assessed mock stations further to your Prep package purchased, our mocks ‘Add-On’ facility gives you the ability to purchase as many tutor-assessed mock attempts as you want, in any or all of the 5 core areas assessed, all at a special rate discounted for our existing candidates.  Please see our ‘OSCE Prep’ page for further details.

Our OSCE training has been tried and tested since 2011.  In that time we have re-designed and re-developed our training so that now there should be a Prep package to suit every need, and we will gladly help you find the right one for you.

Eight years and over 2500 candidates have shown us that our OSCE Prep and Tutoring will help you towards achieving your goal of qualifying as a Solicitor of England and Wales.